IMG_1616It’s an amazing feeling filled with absolute joy to get started with something which I always wanted to do from the very beginning and it was: “To Express my thoughts and be able to reach the millions across the globe”.
Getting started with EximiousPost is the first step towards that goal. Everyone at some point or the other in their lifetime go through two different experiences which tests a person’s character,determination,the will to excel and accept change/transition without fighting it:“Mid life Crisis and Your calling in life”.
I believe I have gone through both and my Mid life crisis has helped me realize my calling in life.Many a times when we sense that some set pattern of life has changed it leads to state of panic and anxiety and we give into the fear of that dark period. What we need to remember is: “Not be afraid of such phases of life and remember that,before something great happens everything falls apart”
One needs to trust the process that was set in motion by the infinite SOURCE who is working towards making you the person you were always supposed and destined to be. The motivation to start EximiousPost is to give to others and help them better themselves. There is no greater feeling of happiness than to be able to ‘Give’.

I intend to give life to my thoughts on this platform and spread the motto of EximiousPost:
                           Giving with Gratitude opens the doors of universal grace.
~Neeraj Sareen